Build your own CentOS 7 Broadcom Wireless Driver

I just finished my first experiments with Docker. To doing this I put a new SSD in my MacBook and start with my experiments. Some hours later I wanted to moving around at home and realized that the wireless network didn't work. So I found a first use case of my experiences.
To use the wireless network on the MacBook you need a Broadcom wireless driver (in my case for a BCM4322, VendorID:DeviceID 14e4:432b) which you have to build by your own as documented here. Before following the steps described there I wrote a Dockerfile which builds a Docker image with all the packages needed to build the wireless module. Also I wrote a shell script which executed the build steps to assemble the wireless module (driver).

If you need/want to build the Broadcom wireless driver for your CentOS 7 installation you just need:
Hope it works.