A 3d printable case for a ZigBee Gateway

I create a 3D model of a case for the ZigBee board.


In the cap is a cutout to place a neodymium magnet.

STL files are uploaded to my Thingivers account (link).


Using Cucumber with Gradle with tags

I want to run Cucumber from Gradle with the possibility to specify tags. Here is a build.gradle to do this:

  • gradle cucumber - will run all cucumber scenarios but not these tagged with @Ignore
  • gradle cucumber -P tags=@Smoketest - will run all smoketests but again will ignore these with the tag @Ignore.


TTN-Gateway in a box

During the last days I worked on the installation of my TTN-Gateway into a case. This is the result:

Beside the LoraWAN hardware I have installed an OLED display and 3 sensors (1x Si7021, 2x DS18B20). The OLED display is connected via I2C, the sensors via 1-wire and I2C.

The sensor data is read by Python3 Script and published with MQTT. The OLED is also controlled by a Python3 script. Both scripts run as systemd-service.

The software is available on github.

Little helper: mwc = more-without-comment

While configuring my linux nodes I found my alias mwc very helpful:

I used it to show the relevant (= uncommented and non-empty) lines in typical linux config files.