HP MFP M754DN Fix "Scan to Network" error

My multifunction printer HP MFP M754DN has the ability to scan to a network folder. The target folder is provided by a samba server running CentOS8. It works with out problem but stops to be able to access the network folder some weeks ago. 

Testing the connection on the webgui results in the message: "Cannot connect to the network folder. Ensure the shared folder name is correct."

To fix it I have added the following lines in the smb.conf file on the samba server.
server min protocol = NT1    
min protocol = NT1
A further analysis of my last update activities showed that this was related to the update of the samba package from samba-4.10.4-101.el8_1.x86_64 to samba-4.11.2-13.el8.x86_64. 
According to Samba 4.11 WhatsNew the "SMB1 is disabled by default" now - and the HP printer unfortunately uses only SMB1. With the mentioned settings you enabled the SMB1 protocol again.

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