Photovoltaic dashboard with Grafana

I have a SolarEdge Inverter which is monitored by a energy meter (SolarEdge SE-MTR-3Y-400V-A). The energy meter gets measurements from the inverter and measures voltage and current at the house entry point.

SolarEdge provide a monitoring service and a mobile app to monitor the system. An example is shown here:

To be able to monitor and evaluate the measurements by myself I use the following applications:
  • mbmd - to read the measurements from the inverter and energy meter
  • nodered - to calculate some derived values 
  • mqtt - to "transport" the measurements between the apps
  • telegraf - to write the measurements into influxdb
  • influxdb - to store the measurements
  • grafana - to display the measurements

The result looks like this (a snapshot is available here):



The mbmd reads the measurements from the inverter and (via the inverter) from the energy meter.
pi@racknode:/etc $ more mbmd.yaml
# REST api, use to restrict to localhost

# mqtt config
  broker: my.mqtt.server:1883
  topic: mbmd
#  user:
#  password:
  clientid: mbmd
  qos: 0
  homie: ""
  # homie: homie

# adapters are referenced by device
- device: inverter.ip.addr:1502

# list of devices
- name: inverter
  type: SE
  id: 1
  subdevice: 0 # use subdevice to access SunSpec subdevices
- name: powermeter
  type: SE
  id: 1
  subdevice: 1 # use subdevice to access SunSpec subdevices


To calculate the "self consumption" and split the measured power in Import/Export I create a Node-Red flow:

Here is the corresponding flow code.


The telegraf is configured to transfer the mqtt messages to the influxdb. 

The config is available here.


A snapshot of the dashboard is available here and also the dashboard.json is available.

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