Ring Clock

At end of 2014 I had enough time to finish my Ring Clock project (or at least push some steps forward).

I used a picture frame as casing. The passepartout serves as rack for the led ring. I have put a circle of red carton in the middle of the led ring. The carton masks the display board and contains a hole for the light sensor. Two thin carton frames act as spacer to put some distance between the glas plate and the led ring. A sheet of sandwich paper is used as diffusor.

The electronic part is assembled of a Arduino Pro Mini (Watterott), a DCF77 receiver (Pollin), a DS1307 RTC module (ebay), a DS18B20 temperature sensor (ebay), a light sensor (GL5528), a 8 digit display - using 8 old VQB18C modules and a driver (ebay) - and a 60 RGB led ring (Watterott).

The source code and further information can be found here.