ESP8266 based SensorNode

In last weeks I put together a Sensor-Node based on ESP8266. The software part provides:
  • the standard WiFiMonitor to setup the WiFi credentials
  • a web page to configure the connected sensors
  • a web service to read the configuration and current sensor values
  • the data are published via MQTT in a format to be feed into a influxdb
The following sensors are supported:
  • DS18B20 (multiple)
  • BME280
  • Si7021

SensorNode config page
SensorNode configuration page

I designed a board to be put into a USB port with a temperature and a humidity sensor. 
SensorNode circuit
SensorNodeUSB circuit

SensorNode pcb bottom side
SensorNodeUSB PCB bottom side

SensorNode pcb top side
SensorNodeUSB PCB top side
More information can be found in the GitHub repo SensorNode.