Raspi + RAK831 + converter board - make standard i2c bus available

The RAK831 converter board connects the standard i2c pins of the Raspi with the RAK831 board (RASPI.PIN3 -> RAK.PIN7, RASPI.PIN5 -> RAK.PIN9) (see picture). The RAK831 documentation states the line(s ?) are used to enable the RFSW1012 (see page 15) but does not uses it as i2c bus. The consequence is that the standard i2c bus cannot be used.

On the other hand when looking how to connect the RAK831 direct with a Raspi (e.g. here) the RAK pins 7 and 9 are not used.

This means the i2c bus can be revitalize by removing the 0R bridges R11 and R6 on the converter board.

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